Blue Light Glasses – NUVO914A Silver/Matt Blue


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Non-prescription blue light glasses help reduce the harmful effects of blue light emitted from computer screens, smartphones and digital screens in general. They can help with eye-fatigue and eye-strain due to long hours at the computer and/or in front of a screen.

Frame width: 130mm
Size: 52-17-138
Hinge type: Standard
Material: Full metal
Colour: Silver and matt blue

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Includes soft cleaning cloth and soft drawstring black glasses case.

There is no warranty on non-prescription blue light glasses.

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How do I know my size?

If you already wear prescription eyewear, please reference the measurements indicated on the inside of the temple of your current frame. With a ruler, you can also measure the full-frame width, so you have a better idea of your ideal size.

If you cannot find these measurements or if you are new to glasses, take a ruler and measure the width of your head across your eyes. Use this as a reference to the full-frame width when shopping for various styles.

Understanding Frame Measurements

The full-frame width is measured in millimetres (mm).
In this example: 135mm


Measures the widest part of the front of the frame from one end to the other. This measurements is not indicated on the frame. 

There are 3 main measurements that can be found on the inside of all frame temples/bridges. They are shown in the format of “54-18-135”. These numbers are represented in millimetres (mm).

54-18-135 » 54mm – LENS WIDTH

The widest part of the lens.

54-18-135 » 18mm – BRIDGE WIDTH

The width of the nose bridge.

54-18-135 » 135mm – TEMPLE WIDTH

Measured from the bottom of the lens to the back tip of the temple.